Dental fillings and restorations

When it comes to dental fillings and restorations, professional dental experts know just what to do. These skilled dentists have the knowledge, wisdom, and tools it takes to carefully fix your damaged teeth. Dental fillings and restorations are an important part of anyone’s damaged teeth and have helped many people have stronger, healthier teeth. Fortunately, there are many great ways today to fight off those evil things called cavities. With modern tooth fillings or quality tooth restorations, they do just that. Getting dental fillings and restorations are only only a few of the several ways to successfully restore damaged teeth.

What are tooth fillings?

Many of us know all too well that wonderful thing called “fillings.” dental fillings are basically a kind of strong tooth restoration that gets rid of any damaged areas of rotting material and carefully fills the cavity with either white composite material or silver amalgam material. Similar to dental fillings and restorations, the Framingham dentist will carefully remove any decaying stuff from your tooth and proceed by gently cleaning the affected area around your tooth. You could say, that dental restorations and fillings are mainly special treatments used in carefully restoring and reconstructing the morphology and functions of missing teeth and damaged teeth from long term disease and cavities. For instance, a basic root canal filling is just a special restorative technique that is used to correctly fill the affected area where general dental pulp resides. Proper dental fillings and dental restorations help make healthier teeth and happier people all over the world.


Tooth restorations

Restorative dentistry is a basic term used by many dental specialists today. Restorative dentistry is used to carefully define how modern-day dentists replace someone’s damaged or missing teeth. With simple fillings, basic caps, quality implants, or bridges, these options can then give you back your natural smile you have so much wanted to see again. These dental options will also help in preventing more oral issues from arising in the future.

So, just why are dental restorations really important to an individual? The simple answer to this question would be, for many important reasons. Some of these reasons would be things like being able to fill empty areas in your mouth will essentially help keep your teeth aligned. Another reason would be, by replacing some of your teeth, it makes it so much easier to maintain healthy teeth care habits in helping to prevent any future tartar build-up and the issues it can cause. Besides, we all know that having missing teeth can ultimately affect your appearance, your health, and your self-esteem.

Crowns, bridges, and dental implants

As much as dental fillings have become a popular option for many around the world to choose when going to the dentist, so have bridges and crowns become too. A basic crown is a cap that is simply placed directly over your tooth. This crown is then used to protect and essentially strengthen your natural tooth structure. What should happen is, your dentist will start out by preparing your tooth, take a quick impression, and then the crown will be created in a laboratory directly by specialists. Dental crowns are created especially for those with cavities or broken teeth. The crowns are simply adjusted into place, directly over the afflicted tooth.

With dental bridges, these basically connect the opening where there are missing teeth found. The dental bridge has a special crown on each end of it as an anchor with a fake tooth bridging the crowns and filling the specific space. A quality bridge will essentially help in keeping your other teeth from moving out of their proper place.

Another important thing used in repairing broken or missing teeth is something called dental implants. Dental implants are mainly used to replace any missing teeth you may have. Dental implants have two important parts to them: a false tooth and a quality metal anchor. Though it looks and feels like a real human tooth, dental implants are really fake teeth. They play a good part in repairing your missing or broken teeth.


Taking really good care of your teeth every day involves you cleaning them on a regular basis. This may also mean attending regular teeth cleaning appointments with your local dentist. Always remember to also clean your gums, tongue, cheeks, and the roof of your mouth too.