If you have missing teeth, then the dentures used as an alternative to removable dentures are known as permanent dentures. These dentures can be installed in their right position by inserting two or more dental implants surgically. These implants will make the denture stay in its position and will allow you to talk, smile, or chew more patiently and easily as compared to the removable dentures.

Permanent dentures are placed on the top of the dental implants fixed to the structure of the jawbone. They will provide a permanent solution for the missing or falling teeth.

While installing permanent dentures most dentists at Digital Smiles – Torrance try to preserve your natural teeth as much as possible instead of extracting them. They are also used to maintain the appearance of the teeth while speaking and help in eating properly.

Benefits of permanent dentures

Today, permanent dentures are considered the best alternative to removable dentures by inserting dental implants in the jawbone. These permanent dentures offer several benefits as compared to removable dentures like:

  • Get rid of pain

Permanent dentures can help in avoiding the pain usually experienced with removable dentures. Removable dentures can cause pain due to improper fitting of the denture. This problem can be solved with the help of dental implants.

  • No use of dangerous elements

No harmful adhesive is used to install permanent dentures in your mouth. To keep removable dentures in their place people usually use a paste or gel containing zinc as an important ingredient on their jawbone. According to the FDA, zinc-containing adhesive or supplement can increase the quantity of this mineral in your body which can be harmful to you. the nerves in your feet and hands can get damaged due to excess zinc in your body

  • Better support to your face

The structure of your face can deteriorate if you are using removable dentures as they can cause a witch’s chin, strings of line, and wrinkles when you remove it. such appearance issues can be avoided by using permanent dentures as they will support your cheeks and lips constantly. They will also prevent the appearance of slack skin seen in removable dentures.

  • Enjoy eating

You can enjoy eating your food with permanent dentures as they allow you to eat anytime and any kind of food. Your removable dentures can lose down by chewing crunchy foods from them. You need not run to search for your removable dentures while eating something as you already have permanent dentures. So you can eat whatever you want with your dentures permanently installed into your mouth.

Who are permanent dentures for?

Permanent dentures can be suitable for people:

  • Who has an adequate amount of bone in their jaw in which dental implants can be fixed successfully to support the dentures? However, the physical health of the candidate should be good for implanting such dentures into your mouth.
  • Who has damaged or missed one or more teeth due to any reason
  • Who have good oral hygiene as it can help in faster and effective healing and recovery after implanting the dentures.