The branch of dentistry that works on the dental problems of children from their birth to teenage years is known as pediatric dentistry or Pedodontics. This special oral health care is also provided to children with special requirements.

From general dentistry, pediatric dentistry is different as it is opted for by parents concerned about the dental health of their kids. They take their children to the clinic of a pediatric dentist for checking their oral health.

Importance of the pediatric dentist

Constant care for the oral health of the kids is required during their growing years. The main reason behind it can be the constant development in the mouth of children. A pediatric dentist can help in identifying the problems developing in their mouth and treat them in time before they get worse.

With the appearance of the first tooth, many people take their child to a pediatric dentist so that he/she can maintain a record and take care of their teeth as they grow with time. It is ideal for parents to encourage their kids to visit their pediatric dentist at least twice a year to avoid any emergency later on.

Benefits of pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry offer benefits not only for children but also for their parents.

  • Monitor dental problems

Your pediatric dentist will monitor the growth of teeth of your child from his/her young age as they develop with time up to a certain age. It allows your dentist to keep an eye on the oral problems of your child along with preventing the worsening of oral problems in their adulthood by treating them with less-invasive treatments.

  • Support and help for parents

Though parents can help their children in maintaining their oral health still they take their kids to a pediatric dentist to ensure that they can learn the right techniques to keep their teeth sparkling clean. Their dentist can also teach children the right ways to brush and floss their teeth so that parents can easily work with them while cleaning their teeth in their daily routine. The dentist will also inform kids as well as their parents how to avoid dental problems like cavities by cleaning their teeth properly and regularly.

Who is pediatric dentistry for?

Pediatric dentistry is for children from 2 years old to teenage. Their first appointment with a dentist can start at the age of 2 years when they start growing their milk-teeth. They need early dental care in their pre-schooling days to avoid cavities. We recommend the people over at

Any delay in the first appointment of the child with a pediatric dentist can increase the risk for his/her oral health during growing years. The habits of oral hygiene developed at an early age can keep their teeth strong and beautiful even in their adulthood.

Children, up to 18 years of age, may need a pediatric dentist to tackle most of their dental problems. Teenagers need a pediatric dentist to take care of the comfort and aesthetics of their teeth along with the changes they may experience in their oral health during their growth years.